CTM Core Concepts

Learn the fundamentals of tracking with CTM. During this course, we cover the five core concepts for success with your new account.

Preparing Your Account for Launch

Take a deep dive into CTM's core concepts and terminology and define how each concept functions individually, as well as how they all connect.

Level Up Your Account

Advance your setup by utilizing the CTM Softphone, filters, exports, qualify your activities by star ratings, and send both your leads and sales into Analytics.

Lead Tracking and Marketing Attribution

This session focuses on marketing tools that allow you to resell, markup, and white label. Learn how to integrate with popular marketing platforms like Google Ads and attributing omnichannel activities such as forms, chats, and text messages.

3 Ways to Supercharge Queues

3 gems designed to keep your callers entertained, set the proper expectation, and route the caller to the agent with the skill set to best support them.