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Account Details Dropdown

The account details are where you access quick information about your account and is home to several important pieces of information. 

First, this is where you select your navigation, classic or left. CallTrackingMetrics is in the process of sunsetting the classic navigation and it’s encouraged to make the switch to the new left navigation. Some new features will not be released for the classic navigation. 

The account details dropdown is where you can locate:

  • Your personal user access level (Admin, Report Manager, Call Manager, Agent)
  • Account name and id / Agency name & id
  • Current plan type
  • Your support pin 
  • Quick links to your profile settings like:
    • Profile setting
    • Account setting
    • Manage users
    • User licenses
    • Change history
    • And Display mode light or dark

More on the support pin: Inside of each Calltrackingmetrics (CTM) account in the upper right-hand corner, there’s a section called SUPPORT PIN.   This PIN is dynamic in nature and unique to each account.  This PIN is updated daily.  The CTM Technical Support PIN is used to verify that the person calling into Technical Support is allowed to call and report issues on behalf of their company. The PIN is only accessible to the person while being logged into their account.