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Flows Tab

Flow is where you can configure your more advanced routing options like sending calls to a voice menu, queue, or intelligently routing your calls with a smart router. Here you can create schedules for your agents, queues, and other configurations. 

Under the automation features, triggers are used to build automated workflows. These workflows can be used to automate anything from qualifying and sending data from CTM into platforms like Salesforce, Hubspot, and Google Ads. To automating text message responses and adding missed calls to auto-dialers.

CTM offers a form services known as the formReactor which can trigger an automated call to the person who just filled out of the form or simply log the form entry. You can map your existing forms to our formreactor or you can build one using our formrector widget and install the iframe on your website. CTM also offers a website chat service that empower your agents to engage with customers on your website vs chat, the chat widget also plugs into facebook messenger and drift chats.