How do you balance the need for speed with your need for more detailed call tracking and attribution data?

In Google’s world, site speed matters. And the search giant is pushing hard on AMP – its open source initiative to improve webpage speed and performance for mobile users. But that speed comes at a cost for digital marketers. AMP eliminates scripts – including the scripts that help you track mobile calls.

Join SEO and AMP experts from CallTrackingMetrics and Stone Temple as they explore AMP’s pros and cons, as well as how leading technology providers are helping marketers identify AMP visitor sessions and track call sources. Implementing AMP doesn’t have to mean losing call tracking and attribution capabilities.

Attend this webinar and learn:

  • AMP’s bottom-line gains (or losses).
  • How to add call tracking back into your redesigned AMP pages.
  • Why call data is critical to your SEO and AdWords campaigns.

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