Meet the CTM FormReactor®

Did you know you can capture all your inbound leads’ activity—including calls, texts, and forms—in one place within CallTrackingMetrics? Enter our native, click-to-call FormReactor®. No need to cobble all this information together across various tools. With FormReactor®, you get a clear view of all your inbound leads, packed with insights around all the touch points in your customer’s journey, in one place.

With this tool, you can:
Link form submission info with session and campaign data, as well as contact information, for the person who submitted your form
Trigger an automatic call back to the contact who just submitted your form—enabling agents to connect with prospects in under one minute!
Map data into custom fields and 3rd party systems unique to your business

In this webinar we’ll share how to:


  • Build FormReactor® forms inside your CTM account
  • Review and report on form data
  • Implement automated call backs
  • Integrate your FormReactor® info with 3rd party forms
  • Map your data into custom fields and 3rd party systems

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