Hidden Gems Workshop

In this follow up session from the Thursday Hidden Gems webinar, CTM experts give a workshop style demo with step-by-step instructions on how to implement these features and processes in your account.

CTM and Salesforce (Part 2)

Take a deep dive into the Salesforce integration to discover ways to use CTM’s automation tools to transform your Org. Get inspired to build advanced automation into your initial integration setup and learn from practical examples and use cases.

CTM and Salesforce (Part 1)

Learn how to successfully implement the Salesforce integration. Get tips and best practices to drive user adoption and deliver significant business impact. Explore the framework needed to build an effective Salesforce sync while avoiding common pitfalls.

Texting Campaigns

See how CallTrackingMetrics customers and their clients are using text messages to engage with current customers, increase lead volume and quality, or automate their lead nurturing.

Build Your Custom Solution with CTM’s Open API

As a part of our annual Launchpad Summit, Bob Graw, Director of IT, and Joanna Dinh, Software Engineer, hold a special edition of the fan-favorite CallTrackingMetrics API Office Hour to chat through integrating your application or platform with CallTrackingMetrics and other things you can do with the API.

Hidden Gems

Discover CTM experts’ favorite Hidden Gems: features and hacks that will save you time and level up your workflows.

How To Put Your People First

Watch HR leaders from CallTrackingMetrics and Deepgram, two of Inc’s 2021 Best Workplaces, share their perspectives on the biggest challenges companies are facing today, and ways to invest in culture to drive success.

The Future of Ads, The End of Cookies

Navah Hopkins, VP of Strategic Marketing at Adzooma, joined CTM’s Jessica Michaels and Lisa Salvatore to outline the top things marketers need to do now to prepare for the death of the cookie.